our Core Values

What we stand by

We want you to understand what we are all about and why working with us is a sure-fire way of having a relaxed and amazing experience while we help to grow your business or turn your vision into reality.  

The creative sector is an amazing industry filled with people’s wildest imaginations, dreams and deepest thoughts intertwined with hard earned skill and dedication. The world turns to us when they need to convey messages, showcase their work, be entertained and create.

In light of that we want to meet interesting people and work closely with our clients to produce beautiful, innovative and creative content.

At Haydn Thomas Films, we always go the extra mile in everything we do and pride ourselves on always delivering high quality services that get success for our client.

“We will provide you with unique creativity, coupled with world-class skill, topped off with exceptional customer service.”

Let us help you tell your story, convey your messages, entertain you and create something special.

When doing this we use what we call the 6 pillars of success


Creating innovative eye catching and ambitious content is what drives us.

We help turn our client’s vision into reality,
by creating breath-taking imagery that ensures the heart of our client
’s ideas or businesses are shown off for all the world to see.


Making / sustaining reliable and meaningful relaxed relationships with our clients is of the utmost importance to us. We take pleasure in using our skills to connect you with your customers anytime, anywhere.

Let us help get your message out with stunning clarity in whatever unique and/or quirky way you desire.


The strongest and best relationships are those built on trust and honesty not to mention integrity. These are core values we hold dear to us. There are never any hidden costs or surprises that would knowingly be withheld from you.

This we can promise along with never trying to sell you a service or product you do not need.

During our initial consultation you will realise we will always be open and honest about the project and that same service will continue throughout your time with us!


Everyone deserves to be happy and have fun which is why we believe that your time with us should be a pleasurable, relaxed and productive experience. We love nothing more than working hard and seeing our client’s businesses grow while still being able to have a laugh. 


We believe in the idea of sharing in the hope of helping others along the way hence why we put on workshops and skill sessions. In the same instance we are always learning and improving our skills in order to make sure we grow and become a valued part of your company, one that you can always rely on. We love contributing to the community by sharing what we know, the learning never stops.


We are here for you every step off the way, no question is ever off limits, we will happily explain anything you need to know and make sure you understand the whole process from start to finish. We will always be honest and advise you objectively on how to move forward with your project.

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